What is FILC?
The Florida Independent Living Council,Inc. (FILC) is a statewide council established by federal mandate and Florida Statute. It consists of 15 voting members, who are appointed by the Governor. Other members include ex-officio representatives of the Division of Voc Rehab and Blind Services. In compliance with state law, a majority of the voting members are persons with disabilities. Additional representatives are from Centers for Independent Living, advocacy groups, other consumer or independent living organizations and various state agencies that are impacted by Title VII of The Rehabilitation Act.

What is FILC’s purpose?
FILC’s purpose is to promote independent living opportunities for persons with disabilities throughout the state of Florida. This includes the promotion of a direct service philosophy that is consumer controlled and directed.

FILC’s responsibilities?
The primary responsibility of the Council is to meet its various legal obligations that are covered in both the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Florida Statutes, Chapter 413, Part II.

These responsibilities include developing a State Plan for Independent Living. FILC accomplishes this in partnership with consumers, other independent living centers and organizations, the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation and the Division of Blind Services.

The Council also works to insure:

That persons with disabilities have an opportunity for input into the development of a state plan for Independent Living Services;
That the independent living needs of people with disabilities are identified and met; and
That advocacy on behalf of independent living programs and consumers is initiated and carried out.